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"Amazing place for your daily workouts and competitive minded people also! They were very helpful and knowledgeable and took the time to help when needed! Thank you!"

"I have been working out in this gym for years. It's an amazing place, always clean, not crowded, and the staff is very kind and helpful. I always feel rejuvenated after the training."

"This place is so awesome! The trainers and onwers are highly knowledgeable and have great techniques for teaching hoomans of all ages! Whether your want to try parkour or just learn to move better on a daily basis, then stop delaying and call them today to sign up for a class! You by no means have to have a passion to do whoop-t-whoops or twirlies on the bars to be a member. Just a passion for increasing your spatial awareness and being able to move better through your environment is all that is needed!"

"Love the gym! They are always friendly and take the correct COVID precautions. Great place to get a great workout in or let the kids run around and burn some energy."

"Love the people who run this place. 5/5 for great peoples. Everyone should try this place out."

An amazing place to train all types of movement. I personally do a lot of parkour and freerunning, plus a little tricking, and it is such a great place to work on all that. They have lots of boxes and bars for challenges and lines, and they also have some moveable obstacles to set up more progressive challenges to push yourself. They also have lots of pads, from thin and stiff to nice and thick to help with learning new things and progressing. In all, I would highly recommend this place.

Incredible staff and facility! Great instruction and comfortability for all skill levels. I’ll definitely be back!

The staff at Edge has been absolutely amazing! They have answered numerous questions I have had about switching from another gym. As a result, both of my sons are now doing parkour here. The parkour instruction has been sensational as well! Ryan has been extremely patient with my younger son who struggles with confidence, and he has been spot on in teaching my older son about the deeper meaning of parkour while teaching him techniques that he's never been exposed to before. You need to give this gym a try. I believe you'll be very pleased if you do!

"World-renowned coaches who are passionate about what they do! Super fun and friendly."

"Really good coach"

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