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Edge Movement's Safety First Guidelines


In order to reserve a spot and ensure a coach is present, please pre-register, call, or email us 24-hours in advance. If you are unable to do that call us at (501)-420-3343 as soon as you can so we can try out best to accommodate, thank you! :) Students over the age of 10 will be required to wear a mask.

There will be shoe wipes and hand sanitizer GALORE.

Please be sure to bring both a clean pair of tennis or running shoes to be used in the gym and an outdoor pair in case part of the lesson is taught outdoors.

We at Edge Movement care for the safety and welfare of our students. As a result, we have created new policies and procedures in adherence to the guidelines set forth by the CDC, as well as by Arapahoe County. Because of this, we limit our capacity to adhere to our county guidelines.

Process for our classes:

  • We have mandatory pre-registration for classes to keep class sizes within guidelines.

  • Shoes must be removed or cleaned before entering the gym.

  • Hand sanitizer is provided at the front desk and is required to be used upon entering

  • Every person in the gym over 10 years of age (that is not vaccinated) is required to wear a face mask. Vaccinated staff may not be wearing a mask if they are socially distancing but all coaches will wear masks regardless of being vaccinated.

  • For the safety of our students and our staff, parents are required to notify Edge Movement if anyone in the student’s family/household is exhibiting any symptoms of Covid.

  • The gym is kept sanitary and cleaned regularly.​

  • The equipment is wiped at the end of classes each day.

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