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Communiversity’s mission is to provide an affordable and inspiring space for teachers and students across any field (athletic, creative arts, music, academic, public speaking, etc.). We believe that a student’s learning journey is never over and likewise everyone has something to teach. This is for people who might not be able to afford their own private space or only want to teach a couple of times/week. Or perhaps for people who only want to teach seminars once and a while. We believe in the power of community and value diversity. Within this building we call home, our desire is to foster the building and growth of teachers and learners from various fields. We support every program in our space to grow and thrive by inspiring others to teach and learn in novel creative ways. 


Do you have something to teach?  WE BELIEVE YOU DO!

We have several options to become a part of Communiversity.  You can run your own independent program by leasing your own space within the building OR under Edge Movement’s Communiversity in our space and maintain full ownership of your program. These options would require proof of Insurance.

You could also operate your program under Edge Movement’s Communiversity to create shared memberships options, so that Insurance coverage may be under Edge Movement.  And teachers may choose to rent space hourly, share revenue, or lease dedicated space.

Contact us to be a part of Communiversity or for space lease options!

Communiversity exists because a student’s learning journey is never over and likewise, everyone has something to teach!

1,045 sqft enclosed space (upstairs, one wall with dance mirrors) plus 4,018 total sqft (can be broken down) WAREHOUSE SPACE with 32 ft ceilings FOR LEASE. Space use is flexible (individual programs, storage, etc.)! $1,72/sqft/mo plus allocated utilities, internet, building maintenance, cleaning supplies, and service for dedicated subleased space. Dedicated sublease space (by single or shared tenants) is the priority, but hourly rental available on a space-available basis. 332 sqft enclosed private room available for multiple uses. Upstairs space includes access to two public bathrooms; downstairs space includes access to one public bathroom and potential access to a second private bathroom. 
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