Splits & Ribbons Gymnastics

*Splits and Ribbons Gymnastics is a separate program from Edge Movement and will require a separate membership

Splits & Ribbons Gymnastics is a Rhythmic Gymnastics program that also offers stretching and flexibility, classes. Below are the pricing and membership options.


 1 hr/wk (beginners) $50/mo

1.5 hrs/wk (stretching) $70/mo

2 hrs/wk (beginners) $90/mo

3 hrs/wk (stretching) $125/mo

4 hrs/wk $160/mo

6 hrs/wk $225/mo

8 hrs/wk $290/mo

9 hrs/wk $320/mo

12 hrs/wk $370/mo

15+ hrs/wk (unlimited) $420/mo

Payments will be set to autopay but you may choose to opt-out of autopay for an addition$15/mo